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PEP Bar, Peptide Longevity Bar

PEP Bar, Peptide Longevity Bar

PEP Bar, Peptide Longevity Bar - The First Healthy Bar to retain Muscle Health

PEP launched PEP™ Bars, powered by Nuritas’ PeptiStrong™. The daily longevity bar is the first Healthy peptide bar specifically designed to renew and retain muscle strength, aid in faster recovery after exercise, and support healthy aging to maintain active lifestyle living.

PeptiStrong™ by Nuritas, the leader in AI-based peptide discovery, is a clinically proven, fava bean ingredient that serves as an advanced plant-based solution for boosting muscle protein synthesis, reducing muscle protein breakdown, and decreasing exercise-induced
inflammation. Designed to fit and amplify a variety of lifestyles and wellness goals, PeptiStrong contributes to the renewal, recovery, and retention of muscle strength – to support longevity and vitality.

PEP Bars provide a convenient way to incorporate longevity into everyday routines, making it easy to enjoy the benefits of PeptiStrong for resilient muscle mass, consistent muscle strength retention, and expedited muscle recovery after exercise. The bars are available in three flavors and crafted with clean, simple ingredients: Berry Bliss, Chocolate Fudge, and Honey Nut. Powered by plant-energized peptides, PEP Bars featuring PeptiStrong provide the fuel and peptides needed to build and maintain the body’s strength, encompassing but not limited to:

– Strength to Renew: PEP Bars with PeptiStrong builds resilient muscle mass, with a proven 54% increase in performance during recovery.
– Strength to Retain: Maintain muscle strength consistently over time and outpace age- related muscle weakness due to inactivity, with clinical studies proving a 54% of reduction in muscle loss.
– Strength to Recover: PEP Bars with PeptiStrong expedite muscle strength recovery, with a 103% strength recovery rate compared to a 68% recovery rate from milk protein alone.

PEP Bars featuring PeptiStrong are free of artificial colors, flavors, and synthetic chemicals, and are NON-GMO, soy-free, keto-friendly, and plant-based. Each flavor is available in boxes of 12 individually wrapped 1.75oz bars (SRP $41.88/box) and are available for purchase in- store at grocery retailer Heinen’s and online at www.feelpep.com.


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