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Nutrient Survival Brain Omega 3 Bar

Nutrient Survival Brain Omega 3 Bar

Nutrient Survival Brain Omega 3 Bar - Your Regular Health Bar

Nutrient Survival, a pioneering force in nutritional innovation, launched its Brain Omega 3 Bar®. An all-natural solution to support brain performance, each Brain Omega 3 Bar® features a patent-pending combination of 1,948mg of Omega 3s, 40 essential nutrients including 27 vitamins and minerals, naturally occurring flavonoids and 8g of protein to offer better bioavailability of ingredients to nourish both the brain and body.

Brain Omega Fig & Dark Chocolate contains sweet ripe figs, rich dark chocolate, and tart cranberry pieces. Brain Omega Fig & Roasted Peanut offers ground peanut with sweet ripe figs, semi-sweet chocolate, and creamy peanut morsels. Both flavors are blended with rolled oats, organic rice crisps, milled flax and hemp seeds and feature the following:

– 1,948mg of Omega 3 (EPA 430 mg + DHA 323 mg + ALA 1,160mg + SDA 35mg)
– 40 essential nutrients
– 27 vitamins and minerals
– 8g of protein including 1.5g of collagen
– Natural flavonoids from semi-sweet chocolate, figs and peanuts
– No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
– Gluten free

The Brain Omega 3 Bar® is available in bags of 15 bars for $41.25 at www.nutrientsurvival.com.

The company also published a book called “Eat to Think,” co-authored by Peter M. Castleman and B. Eric Christianson. The book both explores the beauty of the brain and how it is designed to regenerate forever while empowering readers with Six Pillars of Brilliance to strengthen brain health and longevity.

Both Christianson and Castleman, chairman of Nutrient Institute who for the past decade has been dedicated to improving human nutrition, were spurred to write “Eat to Think” after researching the damage to human health created by basic nutritional habits and an over dependence on “Big Pharma” to address health symptoms versus root issues.



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